Where to rest-Redes Natural Park

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Albergue Reserva De Redes

The Redes Reserve Tourist Complex is located in Campo de Caso, in the Central-Eastern Region of Asturias. We are known for being in the nerve center of the Redes Natural Park, which includes the councils of Caso and Sobrescobio, and which is part of the European Natura 2000 Network and has been a Biosphere Reserve since 2001. www.reservaderedes.com Google Maps

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Apartamentos rurales El Llerón

The council of Caso is part of the Redes Natural Park, a space of great environmental value declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2001. The Casín territory has a large wooded area, represented by beech, chestnut, oak, birch, etc., a grove that serves as shelter for animals as scarce as the Cantabrian grouse, the golden eagle, the medium beak, the brown bear, the asturcón or the otter among others. www.ellleron.com Google Maps

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Casa rural Los Riegos

La Casa de Aldea Los Riegos, a rural tourism accommodation that is rented by rooms, located in a garden bordered by the Quixaorio stream, on the outskirts of the small and quiet mountain town of Belerda. It is an accommodation with all the charm of the traditional architecture of the area, located in the center of the Redes Natural Park. www.losriegos.com Google Maps

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Llar de Cosme

Llar de Cosme is located in the Natural Park of Redes. One of the most unknown and wild Parks in Asturias. Networks offers you an environment where you can enjoy magnificent experiences and experiences. www.llardecosme.es Google Maps