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Casas del Salto

The jump houses are the old facilities of a hydroelectric power station restored to rural tourism. We have 3 blocks of houses, in the upper part 3 houses for 4 people, attached to a common terrace with garden tables and overlooking the sickle of the Tagus River, surrounded by pine trees at the back. Google Maps

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Casas y Apartamentos Rurales Chon Alto Tajo

The Chon Alto Tajo Apartments and Rural Houses are located in a wonderful environment in the heart of the Alto Tajo Natural Park and have a high quality since the equipment, infrastructure and services adapt to the environment worthy of Rural Tourism in Guadalajara (Province of Castilla La Stain). Our municipality is located 20 km from the Molina de Arangon Alto Tajo region, in the heart of the Serrania de Guadalajara. Google Maps

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Hotel El Descansillo

The town of Escalera is located on a small hillock that dominates a gently undulating landscape that abruptly ends at the escarpments of the Bullones River. Leaning on this natural balcony is "El Descansillo". Oriented at noon, each spring presides over a small sea of golden ears before the eyes of the old centennial junipers. Google Maps