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Borda Aranzazu

Borda Aranzazu is located halfway between the Aranzazu sanctuary and the Aizkorri-Aratz natural park, between the acanditilates and the Urbia fields. From this unbeatable place you can enjoy unbeatable views, tranquility and rest, and endless activities. Google Maps

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Casa Rural Lecea

Lecea is a 17th century palatial house with details such as the Renaissance coat of arms and bearing the emblems of the Lecea, Bikuña and Heredia families that give name to the current rural house and the attached apartments (Heredia Apartment and Bikuña Apartment) . Google Maps

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Pastain is a stone and wood house from 1800, built on the banks of the Urola River. It has on the ground floor with 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room. On the 1st floor 4 rooms. Close to Mirandaola. There is a wide range of gastronomy and routes in the area. At the entrance to the Aizkorri Natural Park. Ideal for hiking and mountain biking. Quad and ATV routes. Google Maps