ayguemarse - Where to rest-Baronnies Provençales

Ferme de l'Ayguemarse

Tree farm located in the Ayguemarse valley in the heart of the Baronnies in Drôme. Simone and Daniel for many years to accommodate 4 rooms in restored farm outbuildings. You will have time to discover a varied environment, with marked trails. You resting in the pool and also the opportunity to enjoy breakfast and at the round table of agricultural production and local products. www.ayguemarse.com Google Maps

closdesruynes - Where to rest-Baronnies Provençales

Le Clos des Rûynes

Our house is located in the city and in the heart of a large, very quiet garden. It is an old Provencal farm. Nyons, Land of Light, is located in the heart of Drôme Provençale and Baronnies. It is the capital of the olive and apricot, and is close to the Côtes-du-Rhône wines, many of organic quality. www.gite-chambres-nyons.com Google Maps

clos des oliviers e1602143522645 - Where to rest-Baronnies Provençales

Le Clos des Oliviers

Provencal drome and steps of Vaucluse, come to savor the sweetness of a region having preserved its authenticity. During your stay you can visit places of historical interest (Vaison la Romaine, Avignon) Natural and scenic sites (Mont Ventoux, perched villages, Falls) and taste local products (Nyons olives, fruit, spelled) www.clos-oliviers.com Google Maps