Parque Nacional de Doñana-Andalucía-España

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Parque nacional de Doñana

Doñana is a Spanish protected natural area located in Andalusia and has 122 487 ha (54 251 ha in the national park, and 68 236 ha in the natural park) . It includes both the Doñana National Park (created in 1969) such as the Doñana Natural Park (also called the Doñana Natural Park or preparque, created in 1989 and expanded in 1997), and its large expanse of marshes hosts during winter numerous species of waterfowl, which usually reach the 200,000 individuals. Due to its privileged geographical location between two continents and its proximity to the meeting place of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, the Strait of Gibraltar, in Doñana you can see more than 300 different species of birds throughout the year, as it is a place of passage , breeding and wintering for thousands of them (aquatic and terrestrial) European and African. Google Maps

Doñana - Parque Nacional de Doñana-Andalucía-España

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