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Casa Rural La Vega

Discover one of the unexplored corners of Extremadura, and stay in the heart of nature at Casa Rural La Vega where tranquility is the norm, where you can hear the birds singing, see the stars in a sky clean of light pollution, and where you can breathe clean, pure air. www.casarurallavega.com Google Maps

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Casas rurales Virgen de la Cabeza

Located in the municipality of Valencia de Alcántara (Cáceres), the Virgen de la Cabeza rural houses are made up of three stone houses in a single construction that can communicate with each other inside (4-15 people): La Lobita, El Salón and El Piladero. The houses are perfectly adjusted to the traditional architecture of the area, and adapted to the desired tourist use, with careful design. www.virgencabeza.com Google Maps