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Cortijo Complejo Los Llanos

Cortijo Los Llanos is a rural complex located in an old farm, which has 4 rural houses. It is located in the Paraje de Hijate Station, in Caniles (on the slopes of the Almanzora and Guadalquivir Rivers), and is accessed by the A-334. Our farmhouse is isolated and at the same time well connected, since it is about 15 minutes from Baza. Google Maps

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Cuevas Alcobas

Formerly a refuge for the Moors at the time of the reconquest of Spain, humble miners' houses and a cave dwelling for peasants, the caves keep the authenticity and charm of that time. Google Maps

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Cuevas Al Jatib

Until forty years ago, in this wild, beautiful and forgotten part of the province of Granada, small troglodyte villages were scattered on the banks of the gullies that formed when the old lake dried up. Google Maps