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Hostal Cling 43 B&B

Hostal Cling 43 (bed & breakfast) is a typical house of the Delta, located in the neighborhood of Deltebre Jesus and Mary in the town. 50 meters from the river promenade Ebro River and opposite the Ile de Gracia. The house was renovated in 1949 and now 2014 has been a complete reform to improve all the features of the house, retaining part of the original elements to maintain the charm and warmth of it. Google Maps

Hotel Rull - Where to rest-Delta de l'Ebre

Hotel Rull

Located in the heart of the Ebro Delta in Deltebre, Rull the three-star hotel currently has 47 rooms all of which are equipped with the best services for an unforgettable stay. Google Maps

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Masia de la Isla de Buda

It is a Valencian-style farmhouse built in the late 19th century, when the island was populated by settlers and local people to cultivate the rice fields. Apart from the house, the farmhouse is composed of a small church and some agricultural stores. Google Maps