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El Nido de Alcudia

El Nido de Alcudia is located in the Natural Park of Valle de Alcudia and Sierra Madrona, in the municipality of Almodóvar del Campo, in the province of Ciudad Real. The situation of the house will allow you to enjoy the tourist resources of the Alcudia Valley, ancient oaks, prehistoric cave paintings, observation of endangered species, as well as the cultural and monumental resources of the Campo de Calatrava, castles, houses manor houses, monasteries and archaeological parks. www.elnidodealcudia.com Google Maps

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Las Eras

The Rural House "Las Eras", is located in San Lorenzo de Calatrava, a town belonging to the province of Ciudad Real, on the border with Andalusia. Located in the eastern part of the Alcudia Valley bordering on the stain. www.casarurallaseras.com Google Maps