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Quinta do Espirito Santo

In one sentence, our tourism concept is that of a comfortable, culturally and historically rich platform, where those who so wish may enjoy a moment of peacefulness before setting off for the interpretation and fruition of the surrounding territory. But there's more going on at the Quinta! The ultimate goal is to contribute to the preservation and dissemination of Culture in its many forms, both Azorean and extra-Azorean, both traditional and pioneering. www.quintadoespiritosanto.com Google Maps

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Casa das Vinhas

Casa das Vinhas is a rural establishment located in a vineyard in Feteira, a few steps from the beach, on the island of Terceira (Azores). It has a patio and barbecue area. Rooms at Casa das Vinhas are decorated in a rustic style. There is a bathroom and 2 living rooms. Web Google Maps

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Quinta do Martelo

The name Quinta do Martelo comes from an 18th century knocker that still adorns the main gate of the farm. This property, located 5 kilometers from the city classified as World Heritage by UNESCO - Angra do Heroísmo, the first in Portugal -, reached its peak during the orange cycle, one of the important economic cycles in the Azores economy, after the pastel, of cereals, until today called “cow cycle”. www.quintadomartelo.net Google Maps