Parador Cañadas del Teide e1590075259466 - Where to rest-Teide

Parador de Las Cañadas del Teide

The hotel is in the heart of the Teide National Park, where you can visit archaeological sites, go hiking and marvel at as many landscapes as you can imagine. If you are a science lover, you are interested in knowing that in this area of the Island of Eternal Spring the environmental and geological conditions are similar to those of Planet Mars, so it is easy to meet scientific expeditions in the area. In a short time you can go from the highest peak of any land emerged from the Atlantic, to dive into the waters of the ocean and go scuba diving or lie in the sun on its beaches. Web Google Maps

Refugio Altavista e1590075432637 - Where to rest-Teide

Refugio Altavista

Sleep on Mount Teide. Recharge your batteries at the Altavista del Teide Refuge and fulfill your dream of seeing the sunrise from the highest peak in Spain with other hiking lovers. Google Maps