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Refuge Evariste Chancel

Located on a terrace, at an altitude of 2508m, and overlooking the village of La Grave, you will enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of the Haute Romanche valley and the Râteau de la Meije. Google Maps

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Refuge des Ecrins

Located at 3170 m, on a rocky promontory on the left bank of the White Glacier, the Écrins refuge (in cut stone) is located opposite the highest peak of the massif, the Barre des Écrins (4115 m). Google Maps

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Refuge du Taillefer

At 2000m altitude hides the Fourchu plateau where several lakes sleep. Its endemic flora and fauna recall the landscapes of the northern tundra. The Taillefer refuge is located in this unique setting, an accessible path for young and old. Google Maps