Refugio Angel Orus - Mountain Shelters Posets Maladeta

Angel Orús Shelter

Ángel Orús mountain refuge is located in Forcau Valley at an altitude of 2.148 m, at the foot of the Needles of Forcau. To reach the refuge from Eriste, we walk 400 metres towards Benasque on the road, and then to the left there is a forest track (signposted) that leads us 2 or 3 km to take us to Eriste Valley. From Ángel Orús mountain refuge we can set off on many different routes, mainly to ascend the peaks over three thousand metres high in Benasque Valley, with Posets standing at 3375 metres. Apart from Posets, we can ascend to Bardamina and Forqueta Peaks, Llardana Tooth, move on to Estós or Viados mountain refuges. A good mountain refuge with all comforts. Google Maps

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Camping Boltaña

They have large plots of land ranging from 80 to 120 m2. They are in the shade of many varieties of trees including acacias, maples, catalpas, cherry trees, black poplars, apple trees, elms, pines, oaks and willows. They have plots for caravans and mobile homes so the guests can enjoy his wonderful surroundings every weekend and during the holidays. Web Google Maps

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Estós Shelter

This refuge is located at an altitude of 1,890 m., In the Natural Park of Posets-Maladeta, more specifically in the valley of Estós, one of the most charismatic places in the Pyrenees for mountaineers, as it is one of the places that counted first with a mountain shelter saved. More information: Google Maps