Mountain Shelters Pedraforca

refugi estasen - Mountain Shelters Pedraforca

Estasen Shelter

Opened on June 26, 1949, two years after the death of the climber Lluís Estasen, this facility was built in the Jaça dels Prats, a splendid meadow at the foot of the challenging rocky wall of Pedraforca, one of the most emblematic mountains. of the country. In 1977 a major remodeling and extension took place. Web Google Maps

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Gresolet Shelter

Building recovered (1997) from the house of Gresolet, located about 100 m. of the Sanctuary of Gresolet (the house housed the historic Catalan hikers in the conquest of the north face of the Pedraforca, Lluis Estaen 1926). Located in the valley of the same name, it offers an incredible panoramic view of the north face of the Pedraforca. Google Maps

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Serra dEnsija Shelter

In September 1964, the Federation of Hiking Organizations of Catalonia – then under the name of Catalan Mountaineering Federation – inaugurated the Serra d’Ensija refuge, its eleventh mountain equipment at that time. It followed the same architectural structure as the Sant Jordi and Estanys de la Pera refuges. Located in a magnificent corner surrounded by meadows, near its highest elevation in the Ensija mountain range, Cap de la Gallina Pelada (2,321 m), it is an ideal place to spend the night or to stop. Web Web Google Maps

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Vents del Cadí Shelter

Vents del Cadí is an innovative concept of services in Nature, a resting space to share and also a space from which to project different activities in an exceptional natural environment, the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park. The restoration of an old property of the 17th century, the Hostal, allows the visitor to experience the Nature in its pure state. Google Maps